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Full Mural Popup Booths vs Velcro Fabrics

Deciding on the right marketing booth for a trade show can be a tricky ordeal. There are many factors you must take into consideration such as which messages to convey, who will be using the display, how your show presence will be managed, and so on. With a full mural pop-up display, you will present yourself as a professional, legitimate business and in the best light possible.

Full mural pop-up booths are far superior to fabric pop-up displays with velcro-attached graphics for many reasons. The ease-of-use is a large factor for many trade show and event exhibitors. Having a booth that can set-up in minutes, rather than hours, will save you and your sales staff valuable pre- and post-show time. By using a full mural popup display, you are able to skip the tedious task of aligning many small add-on pieces to your display. The mural panels simply attach directly to your frame using a completely magnetic system unique to Trade Show Displays pop-up booths. Once the panels are in place you are ready to exhibit.

Another way in which the full mural pop-ups distinguish themselves from the fabric booth displays is by the pure aesthetic appeal of a mural booth. Full mural popup booths legitimize your appearance as a successful business with a healthy budget for marketing through a seamless graphic backdrop. But in reality, full mural pop-up booth displays from DoTradeshow Displays are less expensive than purchasing a fabric booth with numerous add-ons, such as velcro graphics. The rule of thumb at large shows and events is: you only have 3 seconds to catch attendees’ attention, so you need to make sure you use impressive graphics to stand out. Think of the mural popup booth as a floor standing billboard. I promise you it will make ‘em put on the brakes.


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