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Designing Your Booth – Based on Brochures

July 12, 2011

When designing the graphics for newtrade show displays, many people like to base their layout on what is already on theirliterature racks and they'll be handing out at their next event anyway. This is typically not a good idea as you will only have a few seconds to get your main message across with graphics, meaning words are not the most effective way to communicate. Also, manybooth displays are designed to have someone stationed at them at all times to answer questions, and most exhibitors are sure to hand out theirbrochures at some point in the conversation

If you are handing outbrochures and have someone stationed at the booth to answer questions, it may become very repetitive and distracting to fill your booth with the same content that is already available to your audience. It's going to be the best to use some of the more important points from thebrochure (if any) and focus on comforting and supportive imagery. Imagery will be much more effective and inviting to your audience, bringing in more people in a way that a lot of text and changing focus points cannot.

Brochures can be a good starting point for style and focus, but they should be used with caution when designing something such as apop-up display orpull up banner. Because it is easy to simply copy the content from theliterature rack to thebooth display, this might seem like a quick solution. However, many times it will result in a poor design that will not pull in customers like an exclusively-designedtrade show booth display is able to do.

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