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Oval / Podium Case Info and Options

February 03, 2012

There has been a lot of interest and inquiries into cases for portabledisplay exhibitors usually wonder how it is possible to make large displays so accessible and and easy to use. This hub addresses the most common questions surrounding one of the most widely used display cases on the market: the oval, or “podium,” case. The strength of the oval case revolves around its size. While it is large enough to fit an entire 10 footpopup booth display inside, it is small enough to fit in the back seat or trunk. Under the lid, you’ll find a compartment specifically designed to store two halogen lights. And at the bottom of the case, you’ll two wheels for easy-rolling capability. While these small conveniences are nice, the primary reason exhibitors choose display packages with these cases is they can incorporate them into theirpop up display, rather than needing to find a place to stow them.

With what is called a “casewrap” faced with velcro-receptive fabric, an oval display case is quickly dressed up. Fasteners, latches, rivets, nicks, and dings are covered quickly and present a much cleaner look, allowing the case to be used as a podium in front of the display itself. This is a good place for product samples with a display, or can be used instead of a lit rack. These wraps attach with magnetic strips that match exactly with corresponding metal strips on the exterior of the case, which makes it one of the easiest transformations on the trade show floor. Some display exhibitors will choose to leave the case just like that for use as a podium. For most, who want to step up the presentation a bit more, the answer is to apply graphics. When it comes to podium case graphics, there are a couple of options. The first is to attach a printed graphic panel to the fabric casewrap (as outlined above) via velcro. Usually referred to as a “logo panel,” and in the area of 20? x 20?, it’s a simple way to make sure you are represented at the front of your display.

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