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Free-Standing Floor Displays

Floor standing pop up displays are our best seller out of all displays we carry. They provide the most options for customization and sizing to fit a variety of spaces. Pop up displays offer strong brand identity that allow quick graphic replacement.  Our pop up displays are made with light-weight yet durable aircraft grade aluminum frames and high quality photomural graphic panels that are magnetically attached to the frame.

LED backlit are available for all of our pop up displays.  You can pick one or two panels to highlight or light up your entire booth.  Take a look at our instruction video and see how you can turn an ordinary display into an extraordinary one and stand above your competition.

All of our free-standing floor displays are portable. There is no need for forklifts or outside help with moving, setting up or tearing down. They provide a professional presence while remaining easily transported and set up in just minutes.


Widths range from 4’ to 20’+. These displays are highly modular and can be easily interconnected so customers can form large displays by combining smaller sets. All packages include: hardware, custom graphics and case and many options for accessorizing to form a custom presence. Heavy duty wheeled hard case double as “podiums” when wrapped with custom graphics. Graphic panels are installed via magnets and can be easily replaced or swapped for quick update of your marketing messages.  High-resolution graphic printing project a sharp image for your business at any exhibition and expos.