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Blogs on Trade Show Displays, Exhibits, and Pop Up Booths

Trade Show Displays and the Virtual Market: Maximizing the Use of your Existing Displays

August 10, 2020 1 Comment

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Tips for Traveling and Exhibiting at Events During and After the Covid-19 Outbreak

July 07, 2020

With the threat of the Coronavirus, many people are taking pause before booking their travel to the next event. This is a unique situation and hopefully it will be over soon. However, as trade show and event professionals, you may wonder what you need to think about when preparing to travel or organize your next event. If you are not the event organizer, do you even go?

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Hello from DoTradeshow!

June 02, 2020

Business has changed! Wow that's an understatement. Like many of you, we have just reopened after being closed for almost two months due to the COVID-19 crisis! We hope you are able to reopen for business soon, if not already. As you finally reopen, you might find it necessary to relaunch your business to a changed environment.

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Coronavirus - How Companies Are Communicating with Customers

April 17, 2020

With the coronavirus pandemic rapidly changing how companies operate across the U.S., many businesses have taken to email, social media, in-store and building-front signage to communicate with customers about what they are doing to respond.

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Trade Show Planning | Setting Goals

November 25, 2019

Great exhibits start with a well-defined goal. Before you plan your next trade show, ask yourself what you are trying to achieve. Having goals gives you a target to focus on and a path to follow, so you can get the most out of exhibiting.

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Don’t be a Turkey at Your Next Trade Show

November 12, 2019

Have you ever arrived at your event, and realized that your display had incorrect information, or was outdated or damaged at your last event but not repaired?

Did you know that some of your trade show staff were watching a ball game over the phone instead of talking with your customers?

Have you wondered why your trade shows did not turn out as well as you had hoped?

DoTradeshow would like to thank our customers and provide our “<...

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DoTradeshow’s Unique and Modular Popup Booth Design

October 22, 2019

When DoTradeshow decided that the standard pop-up booth design and engineering did not fit our criteria of portability and ease of use, we decided to create a newly engineered system that did. The DoTradeshow pop-up booth design features a fully-magnetic panel-to-frame system that allows users to easily erect the display without tools, ladders, or lifts. The pop-up booth display can be set up by anyone regardless of height, physical strength or technical ability.
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Outshine Your Competition | Display Lighting

October 15, 2019

Are you getting lost in the mix or not being seen when exhibiting at trade shows? While there are a few aspects that come in to play to increasing your visibility at events. The easiest and most effective way of doing so, is to include lighting on your displays.

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Tips for Exhibiting on a Budget

October 08, 2019

A successful trade show isn’t always about who spent the most money, but rather who was better at it. Here are some tips that will allow you to do so effectively, without breaking the bank.

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6 Ideas to Keep Exhibitors Happy and Coming Back

October 01, 2019

How do event organizers keep exhibitors happy and coming back every year? Here are six new ideas to consider.

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4 Planning Tips Before your Exhibition

September 24, 2019

Trade show exhibiting can be overwhelming, especially if your show is fast approaching. The key to success is careful planning. Exhibiting at an exhibition is very different from attending one. To drive traffic to your booth and leave a memorable impression, you need to create a detailed game plan for your event activities.

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How to Beat Fatigue at Events | 4 Tips

September 17, 2019

Events and exhibitions can last all day or all night and your business and/or client requires you to be on your feet and on your best, always. This can be exhausting, and dragging yourself through the day with a constant smile on your face is challenging. Yet the best event organizers and coordinators somehow manage it. What is their secret?

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Caring For Your Trade Show Displays | Tips & Tricks

September 10, 2019

Exhibiting at a trade show isn’t cheap. You have the costs of the event itself, show logistics, your time spent at the event, and the marketing materials that you bring along with you. The first three in that list are an inevitable expense for every show, however, money does NOTneed to be spent on your marketing materials for every show with proper handling and care.

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8 Trade Show Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

September 04, 2019

At DoTradeshow, we want to make sure you have all the tools necessary to have a successful outcome at your event. We have compiled a list of common mistakes that exhibitors make without even knowing it. These tools will help you achieve the maximum return on your investment and ensure that you have a successful show:

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Connecting with Trade Show Attendees | 3 Tips

August 27, 2019

We’ve all been to trade shows where every exhibitor is trying to outdo the next with the biggest booth and the most state-of-the-art gadgets to draw in attendees. While they do draw attention, sometimes it’s the smaller, more intimate setting that attendees will remember.

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Amplify Your Trade Show Booth | 5 Tips

August 20, 2019

As we all know, trade shows are opportunities for new leads and new business. Do you know how to make the most out of them to ensure future success?

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Exhibitor Follow-up | Best Email Subject Lines

August 13, 2019

Email marketing is one of the most powerful avenues for generating leads after trade shows. Follow-up emails are critical to closing your sales. Most of the time, exhibitors miss their window of opportunity because they are so fatigued after their event.

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Pre-Show Trade Show and Event Promotion

August 06, 2019

You put a lot of time and money into the trade shows you exhibit at. Are you putting enough effort into your pre-show marketing? Pre-show marketing is a great way of ensuring that your company is visible at the event. Effective pre-show marketing will help draw attention and traffic to your booth, as well as maximizing the qualified leads you gather at the event.

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4 Post-Show Processes That You Should Be Doing

July 30, 2019

If you are like us, your trade show schedule is packed. Planning for the pre and during show periods is important, but many businesses neglect what happens after the show. Communicating with your leads and continuing the conversation is key to sealing the deal.

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Backlit Lights and How to Effectively Use Them

July 25, 2019

You may be asking yourself “Alright. I have my trade show display, but it is not drawing as much attention as I had anticipated. What can I do?” When suddenly a light-bulb goes off in your head “A-ha! I need to add backlit lights to my display!” (Pun very intended). Adding lighting is always a great idea to brighten up any display, BUT do you know how to use them to their full potential?

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4 Tips for an Extraordinary (and Affordable) Trade Show Display

July 15, 2019

Every time you sell your product or service at a trade show, you put in a lot of effort, time and money. Therefore, it is important to find every way of maximizing that investment.

Your main objective should be to create attention to your business; attention that remains even after the show, no matter what your budget is. Here are some tips to follow that will ensure a memorable display at a price even the smallest budget can achieve.

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How to Win Big with Smaller Exhibit Spaces

July 09, 2019

Seasoned trade show exhibitors know that bigger booths tend to garner the most attention from the attendees. A bigger booth means that larger dynamic displays can be set up, so everyone can’t help but look at the exhibit. Understandably, then, event marketing staff working with smaller budgets might sometimes feel discouraged, anxious that their humble little booth won’t reap a competitive return on investment (ROI).

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4 Tips for First-Time Trade Show Exhibitors

July 02, 2019

Exhibiting at trade shows. How hard can it be? All you do is show up and talk to people, right? Exhibiting is actually much harder than it looks. With that being said, trade shows have continually remained very popular because they can yield great results when done correctly.

If you are exhibiting for the first time, wants to help shorten your learning curve with these four tips you need to succeed:

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3 Event Marketing Trends for the Fall 2019 Season

June 25, 2019

The key to success has always been about preparation. We have searched the internet high and low for opinions and predictions on upcoming event marketing trends for the fall season.

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Trade Show Booth Logistics | Tips and Ideas

June 18, 2019

Ugh, the headache of trade show logistics! We have all been there; the wondrously disappearing delivery, the mile-long back-up in the trade show loading dock, or the “not responsible for damaged items” excuses.

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Trade Show Booth Design Ideas

June 11, 2019

The total goal of your trade show display graphics is to bring the right attendees to your booth with a short, but forward statement. Especially for newer, not well-known brands, it’s crucial to remember that using only your company name typically will not achieve that purpose. It is unlikely for an attendee to play a guessing game as to what your brand is about; and they will move on to the next booth. Here are a few tips to accomplish this goal and make you stand out more than other exhi...

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Why Podium Case?

March 01, 2019

There has been a lot of interest and inquiries into storage and shipping cases for portable displays. One of the most widely used display cases on the market is the oval case. The strength of the oval case revolves around its shape and size. While it is large enough to fit an entire 10 foot popup booth display inside, it is small enough to fit in the back seat or the trunk of a reg...
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How to Prepare a Large Format Graphic?

January 13, 2019

There are different factors to be considered when preparing large-format graphics for printing trade show displays. The traditional rules of file resolution used in standard offset printing may not apply. A common misconception is that higher resolution automatically yields better quality printing. This is not true for large-format printing, except that it produces a huge file that is often impossible to edit or transfer. Here is why.
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Designing Your Trade Show Displays from Brochures?

December 04, 2018

When designing the graphics for new trade show displays, many people simply copy and paste the contents from their brochures. This is usually not recommended. Here is why.
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What information do I need to provide for the graphic design service?

November 20, 2018

We want to make your graphic design process as simple and as smooth as possible. This means we will take all of the elements that will be involved in the design and arrange them according to a layout concept for you. Since we charge hourly for design projects and we are not creating several independent or unique designs for you to choose from, this allows us to keep costs low for you and to produce a display that reflects your company well in every aspect.
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Choosing the Right Display for Trade Show Booth

October 19, 2018

When you are getting geared up to shop for a new trade show booth display, you need to know what you are working with to determine your choices. The primary fact you will want to find out is the size of the booth space. Next is the location and position of your booth.
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Portable Graphic Displays

October 10, 2018

Attending trade shows is a great way to get high-quality sales leads. To maximize your return, you need a professional presentation of your company using a well-designed trade show display and booth graphics. Portable displays are getting more popular due to their superior design and low cost in shipping and ownership.
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How to Set up a Pop Up Booth Display?

September 19, 2018

Pop up displays are portable and easy to set up and take down. It requires only one person without the need for any tools. Whether you are setting up a small  tabletop pop up display or a large floor pop up booth, the process and parts will be the same.
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How to Choose the Right Exhibition Booth Space for Your Business

September 07, 2018

Choosing the right space to display your products and services can be as important as picking the right event to exhibit. Where your space is located in the overall layout can play a major role in the outcome.
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Portable Trade Show Displays

August 14, 2018

Portable trade show displays help make the most out of limited marketing budgets due to their affordable prices and low costs of ownership.
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More About Popup Displays

May 10, 2018

Thepopup display is becoming one of the most popular display styles on the market today due to their professional looks and competetive prices, but the truth is everyone has their own favorite feature.
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