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Trade Show Exhibit Tips

Make your trade show display your mobile sales office when you are at a trade show. Many things can contribute to a successful trade show experience. One of them is having an effective trade show display booth that gets noticed. A quality trade show display will set you apart in the competitive trade show environment.

Your trade show booth should present your company and your products and services to trade show audiences. Trade show displays should display your company’s name and logo. This will tell the trade show attendees whose trade show booth it is. Your trade show display booth should also exhibit your products and services. Well designed trade show booths with eye catching displays and graphic banner stands invite trade show attendees to stop at your trade show booth.

Below are some useful tips and advice for exhibitors on how to get the best results out of a trade show exhibition.

  • Ask trade show attendee questions such as "what are your reasons in attending this trade show?" or "what you would like to get out of this trade show?" These questions will help you determine if you as the trade show exhibitor can help them. Properly constructed conversation may result in a sale at the trade show floor!
  • Timely follow up with the trade show attendees after the show. This will refresh their memory and build relationship with them.
  • Effectively utilize your trade show booth space. Watch out for other trade show exhibitors and your competitors that may affect how you position your trade show booth. Pay attention to the trade show floor layout and design your booth accordingly so trade show attendees will see what you want to display.
  • Prepare your trade show exhibit equipment to ensure onsite success. Choose a trade show exhibit that is easy to install. If you need to use a trade show equipment that takes time to set up, delivered your trade show booth a couple of days in advance so you will have time to practice assembling the displays.
  •  Use stunning trade show graphics to attract trade show attendees’ eyes. Whether you're exhibiting at a trade show to be informative or to sell products, you only have a matter of seconds to gain attention from trade show booth visitors. The best way to do this would be to use the power of graphics to clearly present who you are and the benefits for the trade show attendees.
  • Don’t forget the trade show accessories and supplies, such as trade show literature displays, tabletop displays, trade show lights, and a podium for your trade show booth. Your carrying case for the pop-up display can be converted into a trade show podium with a case-to-counter converter.
  • Less is more for trade show literature. Only hand out your trade show literature to your best trade show leads. Make sure you ask for contact details in return.
  • Transporting your trade show display booth. Whenever possible, choose a system which is lightweight and compact so you don't go over your budget with shipping. DoTradeshow will help you pick the most economical system to meet your needs and budget. To save you time and money on shipping, DoTradeshow will ship your newly made booth directly to your trade show floor or your hotel for you.
  • Make sure your trade show staff are well-trained to represent your company at an exhibition, so they can answer all the questions a trade show attendee may ask about your products at the trade show booth.