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Trade Show Events and Expos

DoTradeshow compiles upcoming trade shows and expos to keep you updated on the latest events in your industry. Below are some of the local expos and exhibitions in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. For more information, please visit www.MediaMaxEvents.com.



October 20, 2018                 Home Improvement & Design Expo™ (Our 92nd), HealthEast (Bielenberg) Sports Center, Woodbury

October 27, 2018                 Home Improvement & Design Expo™, (Our 93rd), National Sports Center

November 3, 2018              Home Improvement & Design Expo™ (Our 94th), Maple Grove Community Center

November 17-18, 2018      Healthy Life Expo™ (Our 31st), Minneapolis Convention Center             

January 12, 2019                Home Improvement & Design Expo (Our 95th) Canterbury Park, Shakopee

FEB 9-10, 2019                    Healthy Life Expo (Our 32nd) Minneapolis Convention Center

March16, 2019                     Home Improvement & Design Expo (Our 96th) Maple Grove Community Center

March 17 Sunday                Home Improvement & Design Expo (Our 97th) Lakeville, MN

March 23, 2019                    Home Improvement & Design Expo  (Our 98th)  National Sports Center, Blaine

March 31, 2019, SUN         Home Improvement & Design Expo (Our 99th) Woodbury

April 6, 2019                         Longevity Expo (our 8th), Maple Grove Community Center

April 13, 2019                       Home Improvement & Design Expo (Our 100th) IGH Community Center

OCT 19, 2019                       HOME Improvement & Design Expo (Our 101st) HealthEast (Bielenberg) Sports Center, Woodbury

November 2, 2019              Home Improvement & Design Expo (Our 102nd) Maple Grove Community Center

November 9, 2019              Home Improvement & Design Expo (Our 103rd) , National Sports Center, Blaine

November Nov 23-24, 2019 Healthy Life Expo (Our 33rd) Minneapolis Convention Center