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Trade Show Display Artwork Guidelines

1. Required Graphic File Format

Please submit your artwork to meet the following requirements. Failure to do so will result in delays and/or extra graphic service charges.

Format: .PDF Layers Attached
Resolution: 150dpi or 150ppi
Color: CMYK,  NO US Web Coated (SWOP) v2
Size: 100% Final Print Size (no bleed)

2. File Submission

  1. Submit your graphic artwork AFTER you place your order, and notify us when you submit the file.
  2. Place all files in one folder, name the folder with your company name, and zip/compress it. If you are a designer submitting artwork for your client, name the zip file with your client’s company name.


If you are unable to upload via HighTail, please use one of the alternative methods: (1) Send on a CD/DVD labeled with your company’s name, (2) Email to (for files smaller than 2MB).


3. Additional Graphic Service

We will do our best to review your files and notify you when there is a problem. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that your artwork is free of grammatical/graphic or design errors and or also ensure there are no file corruptions within the artwork file. UNLESS YOU EXPRESSLY NOTIFY US THAT THE FILE IS NOT FINAL WHEN YOU UPLOAD OR WE NEED TO EDIT YOUR ARTWORK, WE WILL PRINT YOUR DISPLAY AS-IS WITHOUT SENDING YOU A PROOF FOR APPROVAL. Please note that artwork support and review in detail that is more then sending over a preview will be subject to a surcharge support/graphic design fee of $100 an hour.

If you need us to edit your files, please include a layered format file editable using Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Additional graphic service charge may apply, please see Graphic Design Services for details. Acceptable files include Adobe Photoshop (.tif or .psd), Illustrator (.eps), and pdf files editable in Illustrator. All linked files must be included along with font files usable on PC computers (alternatively, you can outline all fonts). We will do our best to meet your requests and will send you a proof for approval before production. If you chose not to review the proof thoroughly, detailed, and accurately  (e.g., due to lack of time), we will not accept complaints resulting from our editing.

4. Color Match

Generally, we will be very close to a match without any special adjustments. If you need an exact color match, you must indicate in writing the Pantone values for all critical colors. Designation in the graphic file is not sufficient notice. A layered version of the graphic file must be included along with the flattened TIF file. There may be additional graphic service charges due to the additional adjustment and test printing required for such color match. Because we use CMYK printers to create your graphics, 100% reproduction of defined colors is not possible.

5. Graphic Order Lead Time

Our regular lead time is 5-7 business days upon receipt of printable artwork, depending on the printing project and our workload. Rush service is available at a cost. We do not expedite orders unless they have been paid for per upgraded rush service per our website. Please contact us for an estimated completion time. All Graphics must be approved before 10 am CST in order to start printing same day of approval. Any Graphics approved after 10 am CST will start production the next Business days. We do not produce on the weekends.

5. Canceled orders.

Canceled orders will have a minimum of a $25 or 15% handling fee whichever is greater. Please see our Shipping and Returns for more details.


Frequently Asked Questions Related to Graphics

Can my artwork resolution be higher than 150dpi?

Yes, you are more than welcome to work at any resolution higher than 150dpi however there are common issues with higher resolution on such a large format. Click to read more in depth.

Are my images going to be large enough?

To determine how large your images will be without any stretching or skewing of them you will need to determine the pixel dimensions. Generally an image that has dimensions of roughly 3000 px will work fine. Click to read more in depth

Can I make my file smaller than print size?

So long as the file is proportional to print size and when enlarged to print size it maintains a resolution of 150dpi your file does not have to be full size. For example, if you work at half size your resolution must be at least 200dpi when exported.

Can I send a file other than a PDF?

We prefer PDF files simply because those are the files we must print from. You can however send a .tiff file if that works best. There are a few file types we prefer not to receive.

Do I get a proof after sending artwork?

Because we do not alter files once we receive them we do not normally send a proof. We can send a digital proof if requested, though it will simply be the file you sent shrunk down to fit through email. We also can offer a small scale printed proof for an additional fee. Click to read more in depth. The quality of the artwork is based on you "the customers" responsibility. We are not responsible for the following: "Print Quality, Grammatical Errors, Errors within the Artwork, Design Errors, File Corruptions."

How do I view my file’s quality?

Within Photoshop, if you go to View and then Print Size within that menu, the screen will zoom on your file at print size. This is the quality that the file will print out at. Click to read more in depth.

What information do I need to provide for the design service?

Before any design work can begin we will need payment authorization. Once we have that we will need all of the elements that will be involved in the layout and a general idea of how you want everything placed. Click to read more in depth.