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December 13, 2013

Trade Show Displaysoffers a light package as an add-on to just about every display we offer. Light packages are a great way to emphasize the printed material on your display and can set you apart from your competitors at an event. This blog will highlight the light packages thatDoTradshow.comoffers.

Banner Lights

The banner lights thatDoTradshow.comoffers are a high-intensity spot light that work well with any size banner. The spring-loaded clip allows for easy installation and positioning. The 24” and 33.5bannerswill use one light per banner, whereas the 48”banneruses 2 lights. Install these lights to highlight your Logo at the top of the banner or for a favored image on your retractable banner display.

150-Watt Halogen Lights Popup Displays

The 150-Watt halogen light acts a flood light for your popup booth. Not sure if the convention hall will be bright enough to present all the information you printed on your popup booth? Then purchase 1, 2, 3 or 4 lights for popup booths ranging from ourPopup Towers to our10' Booths. Additional lights are needed for our highly impressive 20’ Booth packages. Note: Halogen light-bulbs are not allowed in convention centers in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Vegas-Approved Spot Light for Popup Displays

The Vegas-approved spot light for Popup Displays are a good alternative to our 150-Watt Halogen light for cites and convention centers that have banned the use of halogen light bulbs. These lights are used in the same fashion as any other popup booth light and can be attached directly to the popup booth frame. The lamp head swivels for perfect application of light to your display every time.

LED Light for Popup Displays

LED lights are also a good alternative to our 150-Watt halogen lights to be used in cities and convention centers that ban halogen bulbs. The low-energy, highly efficient LED lights are a great way to use less power at your next show and can be operated with a simple battery pack. The clear, bright white light from the LED lamps create a very crisp and bright looking display. Feel good about saving energy and going “green” with DoTradeshow’s LED Lights for Popup Displays.

Back-Lit Light Box Lighting

The back-lit displays use a combination of a Translucent Mural Panel with our exclusive back-lit LED strips. These are a low wattage, but surprise bright LED light strips that are placed behind the translucent panel to really make your images or tagline POP! The back-lit displays are definitely a good way to create that extra buzz about your product. You’ll see the difference right away.

Be sure to contact a sales representative today to discuss lighting options for the displays you already have or for display you are interested in ordering. We look forward to making you trade show experience a “Bright” one!

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