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DoTradeshow Frauded $56,000

Hello everyone, Katie here, owner of DoTradeshow.

I’m reaching out to share some challenging news with you all. This is so hard for me to post and put out there. Recently, DoTradeshow has faced a significant fraud issue that threatens our business’s future and could potentially lead to us closing our doors. This has been a deeply unsettling experience, especially as I initially lacked concrete proof and encountered obstacles in getting support to determine if what I suspected was true or not.

I've documented the details of this ordeal in a video titled "$56,000 Fraud! What do I do???"  where I outline the challenges we're currently navigating. Right now, I'm focused on finding a way forward to protect DoTradeshow and support my family.

In light of these challenges, I've taken a step I never thought I would: starting a GoFundMe campaign. Personally I feel so embarrassed to start one. I wrestled with this decision, but it seems necessary given the circumstances. If you're able to contribute or share our campaign, it would mean the world to me, my family and the entire DoTradeshow team. Your support in any form is deeply appreciated.

You can find our GoFundMe page here: Help Support DoTradeshow.

Thank you all for your understanding and support during this difficult time. We're determined to overcome this setback and continue serving you with the quality and dedication you've come to expect from DoTradeshow.

Best regards,

Best regards, Katie

With much love,
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