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Effortlessly Set Up Your Tradeshow Booth with EZ-Up Pop Up Displays

When it comes to setting up a tradeshow booth, it can be a daunting task. Fortunately, with the help of EZ-Up cloth pop-up displays, you can easily and quickly set up your booth in no time. EZ-Up pop-up displays are designed to be user-friendly and convenient, making them the perfect tool for anyone looking for an effortless way to set up their tradeshow display.

How easy it is to set up an EZ-Up display

No more wasting time setting up a bulky display for your home shows, events, and expos! The EZ-Up Pop-Up Display is designed for fast set up and tear down, perfect for busy exhibitors who don't have time to waste.
This revolutionary display allows you to quickly set up an impressive display in just minutes with no tools required. Simply open the frame "graphics already attached", extend it like an accordion, click together the claps on the back, Velcro attach the ends, and you're good to go creating a large booth display.

The EZ-Up system is incredibly versatile and comes in many different sizes and styles of displays, including curved or 5ft in height. You can also customize your display to have overhanging lights.

With the EZ-Up Pop-Up Display, you can quickly set up a professional-looking display in no time. This is the perfect solution for businesses that need to quickly set up and take down their displays at tradeshows, home shows, events and expos.


The different sizes of displays available

EZ-Up has displays available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of any event. Our most popular sizes are 8ft and 10ft, and we offer both straight and curved frames for each size. These displays are perfect for home shows, trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, and any other public event where you want to make a statement. The frames can be easily and quickly assembled, making them an ideal solution for quick set-up and take-down.

We have a variety of cloth displays available as well, including single and double-sided banners, printed fabric displays, and tension fabric displays. These are also great options if you need something lightweight and portable that will draw the eye of passersby. We also offer various printed displays that feature your company logo or message in vivid color. No matter what your needs are, we have something to suit them!

The benefits of using an EZ-Up display

Using an EZ-Up display for your tradeshow booth can make setup fast and easy, no matter where you go. With its lightweight aluminum frame and dye-sub printed fabric face, you'll be able to quickly assemble your display without any tools. Plus, with interchangeable graphics, you can easily change your visuals to adapt to different events or home shows. The EZ-Up also collapses quickly, allowing you to take it with you wherever you need to go. And with a carrying case included, transporting your display is hassle-free. Plus, the graphics are even machine washable if they get dirty!


We have some pictures of our customers for you to view and get an idea of what the display looks like when set up. 


How to make the most out of your EZ-Up display

Having an EZ-Up pop-up display at your next home show or tradeshow is a great way to make a lasting impression. To ensure that you’re making the most of your EZ-Up display, here are some tips to get the most out of your display:

1. Choose the right size. Your EZ-Up display can range from 8’x8’ to 10’x20’, so it’s important to measure the space you have available before buying.
2. Utilize bright colors. You want your display to stand out in the crowd, so using bold and bright colors can really draw attention.
3. Include graphics. Having interesting graphics on your EZ-Up display will help it stand out even more. This can include logos, photos, and other visuals to add visual interest.
4. Utilize additional equipment. Your EZ-Up display can come with additional equipment such as lighting, counters, and brochure racks, which can help make your setup more useful and inviting for attendees.


By following these tips, you can make sure that your EZ-Up display is making a lasting impression and helping to boost traffic to your booth.
We hope you found this helpful and an answer to your questions. If you would like help and support in choosing the right display for your needs, reach out to us!
We would love to help bring your ideas to life. 


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