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Enhance Your Outdoor Events with Our 10 ft Custom Printed Canopy Tent

Outdoor events can be a great way to showcase your brand, products, or services. However, the weather doesn't always cooperate, and that's where a reliable custom-printed canopy tent comes in handy. Our 10ft Canopy provides the perfect solution for protecting your booth, guests, and products from the elements. Let's take a closer look at this versatile and durable canopy.

Key Features of the 10ft Canopy:

Size and Frame:
  • Our 10ft Canopy is designed to cover a 10 ft x 10 ft area, making it an ideal size for most outdoor events. It's available with either an aluminum or steel frame, depending on your preference and needs. Both options are sturdy and built to last.

    Telescopic Legs:
    • Setting up your canopy is a breeze, thanks to the telescopic legs that easily snap into place. The legs are adjustable, allowing you to choose the perfect height for your booth or event. Each hex leg is 40 mm thick, ensuring stability and durability.

        Trim Options:
        • Customize your canopy tent to match your brand or event theme by selecting either white or black trim. This simple detail can make a big difference in the overall appearance of your booth, ensuring a cohesive and professional look

          Custom Printing.
            • You can have your canopy tent custom printed to match your company color, logo, and slogan! 

              Custom walls:
                • Add a little extra to your canopy tent with printed walls. You can have a fully-printed back wall or half-printed sides. 

                  Weather Protection:
                  • Whether you're dealing with bright sunshine, rain, or wind, the 10 ft Canopy offers reliable protection. Its durable construction and quality materials are designed to withstand the elements, so you can focus on making connections and promoting your brand.


                  A 10ft Canopy is an essential addition to any outdoor event. It not only provides shelter and protection from the weather but also enhances the overall appearance of your booth. With its easy setup, customizable trim options, and sturdy construction, our canopy tent is the perfect solution for your next outdoor trade show or promotional event. Don't let unpredictable weather hold you back – invest in a 10ft Canopy today!



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