Tradeshow Season is in Full Swing. Make sure you plan accordingly with timing of your display needs. We can rush produce if needed. Thanks so much!

Hello from DoTradeshow!

Business has changed! Wow that's an understatement. Like many of you, we have just reopened after being closed for almost two months due to the COVID-19 crisis! We hope you are able to reopen for business soon, if not already. As you finally reopen, you might find it necessary to relaunch your business to a changed environment.

Be Known: Make sure people know you’re open by hanging an “open” sign on your door. Update your website and all of your virtual front. Banners and signs for reopening your business are a perfect way to keep your customers informed. Outdoor flags, vinyl hanging signs, outdoor canopy tents, and banners are just a few inexpensive options.

Be Safe: When you’re restarting a small business after a massive health crisis, it is important to take proper safety measures. Keep your store/office clean. Set up signs to remind everyone about social distancing, and clearly mark your entrances and exits. Many of you might need to redirect traffic to new entrances and new exits where large banners and temporary signage are required.

Be Ready: This is a good time to brainstorm ideas for the future. Re-evaluate your current sales and marketing plans.

As a leader in portable trade show displays since 1995, we locally produce nearly all of our displays at our facility in Burnsville, MN, and have in-house graphic designers on staff. If you’re looking for a banner, flag, canopy or reopening signs, give us a call at 952-942-1000 or visit

We’ll make it through this together. We are thankful to have good customers, like yourself, that help keep our doors open. We will do our best to earn your continued business and we look forward to hearing from you again soon.

- Team

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