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How The Coronavirus Took Our Tradeshow & Homeshow Business

The coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating impact on many businesses, especially those that rely on tradeshow and homeshow events for their livelihood. Our business was no different: We went from being a thriving business with a great showroom and staff, to having to downsize, let go of our showroom, and say goodbye to amazing staff members, all because of the damage the virus had caused. In this blog post, we'll explore how the coronavirus took our tradeshow and homeshow business and the steps we've taken to try to recover.


The beginning of the end

The coronavirus pandemic hit us hard as a business that specializes in providing services for tradeshow and home show events. We had to let go of amazing staff, downsize a lot, and let go of our beloved Burnsville location, right off Highway 13th. In order to keep ourselves going we decided to look for another location, and thankfully, we found one 30 minutes southwest of the Twin Cities located in Rogers Minnesota.

Unfortunately, this meant having to transition our whole business model from having a large showroom, with lots to see, to downsizing to a smaller showroom space for you to come in and look at our banners and displays. It was an incredibly difficult change, but one that we had to make in order to survive. We're grateful that we were able to find a new location and continue providing services for our customers, although it was a struggle and one I hope we never have to go back to.


The fall out

When the pandemic hit, we were completely blindsided. We had to immediately make some difficult decisions about our business model. We had to cancel all of our customers orders, including large-scale home shows orders and several tradeshow appearances. That meant a huge loss of revenue, as well as potential customers who we would have gained through those events. We also had to let go of several staff members, which was an especially difficult decision.
With the sudden changes, it felt like our business was crumbling right in front of us. Our showroom and location became obsolete, so we had to get creative and find alternative ways to reach our customers. We quickly started looking into virtual events, live streaming, and other digital solutions.
The other major issue was that the pandemic had caused an economic downturn, so many people weren't interested in investing in new products or services. This meant that our existing customer base wasn't buying as much as before, and it made it hard to bring on new customers. We had to find ways to get our products and services out there without relying on events or tradeshows.
Overall, the fallout from the pandemic has been devastating for our business. We're still struggling to make up for the loss of revenue from canceled events due to the Coronavirus. 


Picking up the pieces

All we could do was move forward and not look back. With the help of Katie, DoTradeshow began to pick up the pieces and reinvent itself. She was determined to make sure customers were well taken care of and that DoTradeshows services exceeded our competitors'. We have been able to work towards revamp our business model and continue to provide services for trade shows, conventions, exhibits, and other venues. With our customer service and fast turnaround time, we guarantee that you will be in good hands with us. We are dedicated to providing exceptional services and quality artwork for our customers. We’re also focused on working towards creating a strong digital presence. Through our website and social media platforms, we’re now working towards being able to connect more closely with potential customers, keep them updated on industry news and trends, as well as show them how their projects can come to life with the help of DoTradeshow.


Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Now that we have a new location in Rogers right off 94 directly behind the famous I-94 Distribution Center, we are ready to take back what we lost. We now have a dedicated staff who is willing and open to helping you in the best way possible. Having your best interest at heart is what we do. We are now working towards updating our website for you to be able to have a good, smooth shopping experience with us, along with adding more products, yeahhh! We even updated our "DoTradeshow" logo, it looks pretty "AWESOME". We have dedicated hours for you to stop by and visit, drop off, and or pick up. So don't wait! Give us a shout out, we're here for you!! 


Here's To You

We are here for you and want to make sure you are well taken care of. We look forward to growing our team up and serving you better than ever before. We care about you and your business. If it was not for your support we would not be here and we are so thankful for your business. As a family-owned business who thrives on wanting to make sure their customers are well taken care of, you are the reason we want to do even better. We want to make sure we go to the next level in serving you. Yes, covid set us back a LOT, but we will not let that stop us from accomplishing our goal and our mission. So "Here's To You!" Here's to leaving covid in the past and welcoming new adventures and customers. We can't wait to serve you again! 


With Love And Great Thanks! 


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