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Imagery in Trade Show Graphics

It's no accident that Imagine is the same root word as Image. Images, when correctly used, can convey information and persuade your audience in a trade show setting. They stir the mind and instigate dreams. Humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than text Images. So choosing the right image can be crucial. If a potential client pictures himself using your product or service, the display has done its job.

Here are some tips and ideas for you in choosing the right imagery for your trade show displays.

• Whenever possible, pick an image that is pleasing to human eyes. Keep in mind that the image should support but not overpower the marketing message of your display.
• Ideally, chose an image that will target your specific audience, such as a geographic or demographic market, or industry segment.
• Keep the message simple and to the point. This includes the amount of text overlay.
• Whatever image you choose, it must be clear and sharp. Use the highest resolution image you can find so they will look good on your 10x10 booth display.

A clear message, reinforced with the right images, accented with supporting colors, topped off with proper backlighting will produce an eye-catching display that will grab attention and drive sales. If we can assist you in anyway by designing or producing your next display please contact us. Good Luck with your next exhibit and expo!

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