More About Popup Displays

May 10, 2018

Thepopup display is becoming one of the most popular display styles on the market today due to their professional looks and competetive prices, but the truth is everyone has their own favorite feature. Mine is the unbeatable portability for such sizeable displays. A full ten-footpopup booth display can fit entirely into one case weighing about 70 lbs. How amazing is that? Moreover, the case can become a part of the display, too, which means exhibitors are reaching new heights in economical trade show preparation and transport. There are many different ways to look at this situation, but we can all agree thatpopup displays can sure make life easier.

It’s okay to get excited when you’ve narrowed down your choice purchase to apop-up booth display, but there are many choices to make yet regarding its features and function. Choose the size of the display based on your booth space, and be mindful of what other items (tables, chairs, podiums, etc.) you will be using in that space, too. Regarding graphics, you will need to make a decision about whether you will be able to put a little more time into developing full mural graphic panels for the pop up display, or if you will go with velcro-attached panels for a temporary solution. Will you purchase a set of lights for your popup trade show display, and what type of case option is going to suit you best? Put some thought into these points ahead of time, and you will be able to save time later on. Display store staffers can always make a recommendation, too, about whichpop-up display package is ideal for you.

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