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Panel Displays

Whether you are attending small tabletop shows or need additional signage for your booth, panel displays are a great way to present information. Trade Show Displays offers two sizes of panel displays: 4' and 6'. Trade Show Displays also offers two types of panel displays, seamless and "dual-function". Both types of displays have velcro-receptive backing so that you can attach graphics to the booth easily, but the dual-function display has the option to use one side of the booth as a white board.

Panel displays travel very well and will last you for years. Because you are using velcro graphics, the display itself can be used for many different shows and many different printed materials geared towards different audiences can be used. All velcro graphics printed by Trade Show Displays are priced at $12/sq.ft. plus $1/linear foot of velcro stripping. Trade Show Displays' regular turn-around time for velcro graphics is 2-3 business days.

If you are interested in receiving more information on panel displays, be sure to get in contact with a customer service representative at or by calling 952-942-1000.

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