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Retractable Banner Displays

If you're new to the trade show or expo circuit, you might have heard of retractable banner displays, or had someone recommend them to you. If you've seen them, you may have thought they look pretty slick but you're not sure how they work. This article sheds light on the nature of these portable banner stands, how they're used, and their advantages.

Retractable banners, also known as pull up banners or vertical banner stands, are one of the most versatile, portable, and cost-effective ways to present your company or organization at events. Available with fully-printed graphics, it's all about putting the most trade show display value into a small package.

That's where the portability and versatility come in. Fully packed up into a handy carrying case, one roll up banner stand weighs as little as eight pounds carried in-hand or over the shoulder. In use, and depending on the manner in which the graphics are designed, a retractor can be used on its own or next to one or more other retractors to create a "banner wall" display. This is very practical for those exhibitors who find themselves in a variety of booth space sizes, as well as those who have different products or services to showcase at each show. Double sided banner stands are also available for those times when you have traffic from different directions.

For example, in a triple banner display, a design could carry through each banner with targeted information on the third display banner. At the next trade show, a different banner (with the same background design but new targeted information) could be substituted while retaining the cohesive look of a banner wall display and the static information on the first two banners (things like contact information, logos, mission statement, etc.).

Speaking of versatility in graphics, a single banner could be designed in such a way as to be usable if set on the floor or on a table top. Instead of using all three sections of the support pole, just use two to bring it down to that tabletop height.

Using a retractable banner display is nothing too complicated. After removing the display from its case, the first thing you might need to do is set up the "foot." Some banners have one or two feet that swivel out, perpendicular to the banner from underneath the body of the display. Others don't have separate feet, but the hardware sort of unfolds to become a stable bottom.

Next, find the three-section pole(s) for your banner and fit the sections together. Slowly lift the banner out of the hardware, making sure to keep it centered, and clip or hook the graphic to the top of the pole, whether you have inserted the pole into the seating hole(s) in the back of the hardware already or you want to do that afterward. Make sure the hook(s) or snap(s) at the top of the banner are soundly attached to the poles, make sure the poles are seated correctly, and you're done!

Taking down the banner stand displays is even easier. Simply detach the graphic from the top(s) of the pole(s) and, while keeping a good grip on it, slowly allow it to retract into the base again, keeping it centered so as not to bind on either side of the hardware. Collapse the pole, pack it in, and you are soon on your way home.

Proper care, storage, and transport of your retractable banners (and other trade show displays) will keep them in use for many years

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