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Tabletop Display Options

When it comes to creating a fitting trade show booth display and all the space you have is a table top, it's easy to start getting worried and think that there's just no way you can find a way to utilize that small area and make a big impression. However, there are a few solutions to the table top trade show trial that allow just that. It comes down to effective planning and selecting the right displays and accessories.

Answer the following questions: Will you feature product samples on your table? Will you be providing literature that will be set on that surface, too? About how many square feet of area do you have and how many are already accounted for? Do you require a large graphic backdrop, a whiteboard or drawing area, or space for velcro graphics?

I could go on, but these are the big questions that need to be answered. Exactly how much room do you need? This will have a direct bearing on what options you actually have, and it might open your eyes to some barriers or possibilities you didn't see before, because the truth is you can't do it all. You have to find a compromise or balance in your choices, and realize you might have to give up one thing to have another.

Now, according to your answers to the above questions, here are some items that are suitable for different situations.

Panel displays: low-profile displays that can receive velcro-attached graphics, utilize a whiteboard surface, or both. These traditional displays are simple and proven effective. Available in 6 foot widths, they can cause a stir with professionally-printed graphics attached.

Banner displays: also a low-profile display option, a retractable banner stands can be set up at a height of about 48 inches to expose graphics of a reasonable size when set on top of a table. They can also be used at their full floor-standing height, with appropriately designed graphics, for further use.

Tabletop pop-up displays: the most impressive tabletop display solution, with either full graphics or velcro-receptive fabric panels for velcro graphics. In a 6 or 8 foot width, and standing at 59 inches tall, these displays take up a bit more space on the tabletop but maximize the graphic area for a striking backdrop.

Table runners: a vinyl piece printed with a logo that drapes from front to back on the table. This display makes for a simple accent over a table cloth and is durable, versatile, and affordable. It's easier to care for than a printed table cloth, too.

Literature racks: consider adding slim, portable literature racks to your booth set up to make more room on the table surface itself. Literature racks also bring brochures closer to browsing height.

Take an inventory of what you need, and then make it work with trade show displays and accessories designed to solve the puzzle economically.

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