Tradeshow Season is in Full Swing. Make sure you plan accordingly with timing of your display needs. We can rush produce if needed. Thanks so much!

What is Your Booth All About?

It’s a very good question to ask yourself when you step back and look at your trade show display. Is it easy to pick out your discriminators?

First, make certain your message is clear: Clear wording, clear fonts, and clear placement. Sorry if this seems too elementary, but First Impressions can many times be the only impression.

I've had the unfortunate experience of greeting a potential customer with a confused look expressing "just what is it you do?" Good salespeople can recover, but what a way to start. Imagine the reverse situation. "Hey, tell me more about that! I need that now!"

Once you have their attention and your message resonates, is your contact information obvious? Of course, that smiling, energetic Staff is always there to help, too!

When Trade Show Displays partners with your team, producing an affordable, effective, portable display is nearly guaranteed and you will launch into another successful exhibition season. Enjoy the summer; see you at the Fair!

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