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4 Post-Show Processes That You Should Be Doing

If you are like us, your trade show schedule is packed. Planning for the pre and during show periods is important, but many businesses neglect what happens after the show. Communicating with your leads and continuing the conversation is key to sealing the deal.

Imagine training for a triathlon, competing, but never crossing the finish line. It doesn’t make sense. After all of the effort you put into your trade shows, why not invest in your post-show follow up?

Here are post show practices that you should be doing:

  1. Organize the information you collected immediately after the show
    If it’s for your colleagues, sort and distribute to each team member. If you are the only person responsible for the information, sort it by priority.
  2. Always follow through ASAP
    Make sure to take detailed notes on what is discussed with your potential customer. Follow-up as soon as possible and include what was discussed to add value to your phone call or email.
  3. Update your CRM database
    Capture contact details and interests of the potential customers you met. Add post-show discussions to the database as well.
  4. Take notes on which exhibits or displays were the most effective and why
    What did they achieve that you could use in your marketing strategies? Also do the same for your own exhibit. What would you do differently next time?

By using these post-show practices all of your pre-show planning will be worth the effort. You’ll reap the benefits when your show attendance makes a difference long after the show.

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