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Backlit Lights and How to Effectively Use Them

You may be asking yourself “Alright. I have my trade show display, but it is not drawing as much attention as I had anticipated. What can I do?” When suddenly a light-bulb goes off in your head “A-ha! I need to add backlit lights to my display!” (Pun very intended). Adding lighting is always a great idea to brighten up any display, BUT do you know how to use them to their full potential?

Overhead lighting is a way of the past, backlighting your booth will grab more attention than ever. We at DoTradeshow not only innovated our own backlit system; we have also helped a great deal of our customers maximize their attention-grabbing potential.

Booth Layout
Look at your display and see if there are one or two areas that you are trying to draw the most attention to. This can be an area with your company logo or maybe it has pictures of recent projects you would like to draw attention to. It might even be a good idea to work with the graphic design team in creating a new popup to effectively light and draw attention to that information.

Find any area of your display that has great color or texture to light up. Having a bright, eye-catching color to light up will immediately grab attention. “What if my display has mostly dark colors?” you may ask. Use those dark colors to your advantage. Contrasting the dark colors with a bright white section is also a great way to catch the attention of your potential clients.

Changing Information
If you have a product or service that changes per show; listen up. Build your display to have stagnant information (Company logo, tagline, and products/services) on all but one or two areas. These can be used at every show. Your remaining picture sections can be backlit and catered to each specific event that you attend.

As you can see in the photo above, you can incorporate all three of these tips in to one multi-functional backlit display. This particular layout allows you to cater your display to each event and potential client. Not only that, but it is also very cost effective!

Now that you know a few lighting tips. Draw attendees attention like moths to a midnight lantern, and maximize your appearance at your next trade show or event with backlit lighting.

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