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6 Ideas to Keep Exhibitors Happy and Coming Back

How do event organizers keep exhibitors happy and coming back every year? Here are six new ideas to consider.

  1. Problem Solve. Strive to solve top exhibitor pain points: cost, lodging, and shipping. Discover their expectations.
  2. Rewards Program. Ways to reward loyalty beyond priority booth selection: local discounts, perks, discounted sponsorships.
  3. Snacks and Beverages. During move in and move out, offer free snacks and drinks to your exhibitors
  4. Make It Simple. Minimize pages and fine print in exhibitor kit. Limit rules and guidelines and consolidate suppliers.
  5. Be Available. Consult all year long, be available on social networks, ask questions, and listen. Post pictures, exhibitors love being seen. Include their booth logos to extend their exposure.
  6. Be a Matchmaker. Make your event a “lead machine.” Link attendees to exhibitors.

A few other things to consider if you haven’t already: exhibitor training – their success is your success. Provide free webinars, handouts, and checklists. Improve communication; let exhibitors know about events outside of the show floor. Help them network, and when in doubt, free coffee and food. Coffee is inexpensive and appreciated.

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