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Are my images going to be large enough?

Whether you have taken photos yourself or are planning on purchasing them from a stock library, it is vital to have high quality images that will print out nicely. In order to check the quality you must know or be able to find the number of pixels that make up the file you have. Below are simple approaches you can take to find the number of pixels, however there are several other possible ways to find this information.

• On a PC you can right click the image file and go to Properties. Within Properties there is a tab that says Details. Select this and scroll down until you see Dimensions. These are the pixels of the file.

• On a Mac, open your file in Preview and click on Tools in the top menu. Then select Get Info and a pop-up window will open. Select Details in this window and the pixel height and width information will be there.

Once you have the pixel information you must determine what resolution you will be using. Our minimum and highly-recommended resolution is 100dpi (“dots per inch”), but you can figure out the image size regardless of the dpi at which you choose to work. If you know the pixels of the file and the resolution you are working with, you can enter them into a formula to find the file size. The formula is as follows:

Pixel_Height/Resolution = Height

Pixel_Width/Resolution = Width

So, if you have an image that is 1200 x 900 and are working at 100dpi your image will come into the canvas at 12”x9” without any stretching. The same file will only be 4”x3” when used at 300dpi.

If you still have some concerns or simply have questions about your artwork, feel free to give us a call to discuss them. We have designers on staff who can answer most of your design-related questions.



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