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How do I view my file’s quality?

Before sending your file to us for printing, we recommend that you view the file at print size to know what to expect with the quality of your file. Although this isn’t a print-out, it is the best option for checking your file’s quality prior to it being printed and is the approach we take here at DoTradeshow. Because the files are so large, most designers will zoom out from the artwork in order to see the entire piece, forgetting to zoom back in to check the quality of each of the elements inside the design.

To view the quality of your file you will need access to Adobe Photoshop (it is possible to use other programs but Photoshop will help save as a TIF as well), regardless of what program you built the artwork in. Once you have your final file ready to be viewed, open it in Photoshop. You can then double-check the size of the file to verify that it meets our requirements (all files must be full size at a minimum of 100dpi). If the file is the correct size, you can go to View and then select Print Size. This zooms in on the file to the exact size it will print out at, and it shows any possible pixelation or blurriness.

Because Adobe Photoshop has this option, it makes checking your file very easy and accessible. We also require a flattened TIF, so if you worked in a program that does not allow exporting as a TIF file very easily, this gives you the chance to save the file as a TIF from which we can print.

If you still have some concerns or simply have questions about your artwork, feel free to give us a call to discuss them. We have designers on staff who can answer most of your design-related questions.



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