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Booth Space and How to Get the Most Benefit Out of Your Displays

Trade show booth spaces vary from show-to-show and this article is aimed to help you utilize the space that is allotted with any layout. While most trade shows offer a 10’x10’ booth space, we have seen some organizers and expos offering an 8’ x 10’ or 6’x 5’ booth space. In a perfect world you would be able to just simple purchase multiple displays for multiple booth sizes. But realistically you and I both know most companies will want to purchase one display and be able to use it in multiple settings. There is a way for this to be done and I will show you how.

So say you have a 10’ mural popup booth from and you have an 8’ booth space at your next show. A simply way to use your current booth in a tighter space is to simply angle the booth inside of your space. The best way to do this is to decide what direction you think the attendees will be coming towards your booth and make that display highly visible at that angle. You can use a table or other literature displays to even-out the space while still using your prized popup booth.

Another sure-fire way to have a space-versatile booth is to purchase a triple banner wall from . The banner set-up great in a 10’ booth space and can easily be arranged to work in a variety of booth spaces. Angling the two outside banners can buy you few feet or so. Also, using only 1-2 of your 3 banners is another way to keep your current banners in circulation and avoid the need to purchase a smaller booth space.

Whenever I attend shows, I like to sit down a week before-hand and visualize the space I have reserved and what type of displays I would like to bring to that particular show. Having a couple of different displays, like popup booths , retractable banners and hanging vinyl signs, will make this task easy. But by angling your displays and using booth accessories you can make the space work for you no matter what the size is.

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