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November 15, 2013

Recently, at a trade show someone came up to our booth and asked how we were able to supply the majority of that shows’ exhibitors with our displays. We told the individual some of our trademarks advantages of order fromDoTradshow.comlike how we are the manufacturer of the displays and how we are extremely competitively priced. But I think the biggest factor of our reach in the display industry has to deal with our exceptional customer service.

At you can be sure that you are going to have your call answered by an actual person. Not only that, but our sales staff has a deep understanding of the nature of exhibiting at trade shows and the potential success that one can have if they exhibit well. Our sales staff atDoTradshow.comis also extremely knowledgeable on our display systems and products. We know the display industry very well and bring that experience into each conversation we have.

Ourtestimonial pageis a strong statement of how we operate Be sure to read through some of our reviews before placing your next order withTrade Show Displays

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