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Conventional or Portable Trade Show Displays? You Be the Judge

We’ve addressed this topic before. However, after a lunch with an old friend of mine, a seasoned trade show professional, I felt compelled to highlight this issue again. He works for a larger company who exhibits over 100 trade shows a year and personally handles over 15 of those shows in his region. He has been in sales for a long time and has great respect for what he describes as a “strong Marketing Department”. I asked him how things are going with his trade show displays and below is the condensed version of his answer.

He works way too hard compared to the final-results he achieves. He explained that his “boxes” are shipped for him, but they are not portable boxes; they are the flat 2x4 foot boxes we’ve all seen. Yes, they have handles, but he can’t carry all of them, so he’s left with waiting on the pallet jack or making multiple trips from the shipping dock to his trade show booth. Set up the booth display is not easy. He is usually tired and drenched when he is done. He then repeats after the show. He nearly always goes a day early to set up his displays and stays late to take it down, when he would rather be meeting with his customers. Then there is storage and more waiting…

I showed him a YouTube instructional video on our website ( I thought he was going to cry when he saw the cute girl in high heels and a dress effortlessly set up a 10x10 booth in just 10 minutes, and without any assistance!

Real portability and ease of use is our hallmark. All we ask is: give us one booth at one show and our value will speak for itself. Or better yet, please visit our show room in Burnsville (and bring your sales person). We will be at the next MediaMax Home Improvement show this Saturday inside Ames Arena in Lakeville. We hope to see you there!

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