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The Pros and Cons of Using a TV at Trade Show

Does a Television add interest? It certainly may, especially if it is properly positioned and large enough to be seen, but not overwhelming. The pictures flashing by can tell a solid story very quickly at your trade show booth. Some of the best uses we’ve seen were when the product(s) have many versions or options that are visual. For example, Trade Show Displays could fill the entire Exhibit floor the various types of booth displays and options we offer. Our customers also love to see what others have purchased and how they customized their graphics (we will have another blog on graphics at a later time). Lighting options, size/configuration etc. are much easier to present in pictures verses text.

The cost of the TV DOESN’T STOP with the TV purchase! There’s mounting; cost for the mount and the impact to set up time, added shipping costs/handling (which flies in the face of “Portability”) and potential damage to the TV. This all adds risk that you get to your show and do not have a working TV.

Also, consider that some shows do NOT allow sound, even at low volume. If your presentation is “visual” this is not a huge impact. If your products and services need explanation, the TV can fail you.

The worst uses of TV’s we have seen are wordy, PowerPoint presentations or long Text Based Presentations. This is true of Displays in general: less words strong pictures are best. The TV can grab attention, but we’ve seen the TV compete with the Sales Person and SALES are lost in the confusion.

If you choose to use a TV, Trade Show Displays has you covered with a collapsible TV mounting stand, that is inexpensive and easy to set up. The mounting is independent of other display materials so you have the option of when to use the TV. We wish you happy selling and success no matter which avenue you choose. If you need help thinking through your options, please give us a call at 952-942-1000, visit our showroom or our website at

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