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Factory Direct 101: Better Quality, Better Service, Pay Less

If you have purchased trade show display products in the past, chances are you paid too much. It is common for your order to pass through multiple layers of middlemen before it reaches you. As you can imagine, every middleman will take a portion of the profit and pass the cost onto you. Smart businessmen are buying directly from the manufacturers now.

The most obvious benefit for buying directly from the manufacturer is the tremendous savings. When you deal directly with the manufacturer, you bypass costly mark-ups. In addition, there are many benefits, such as better customer services, better accountability, more accurate order and faster shipping.

Better customer services. When you contact the manufacturer for customer service, you are talking with the people involved in the production of your order. They have better knowledge to assist you, which means better, more helpful, and more knowledgeable service for you when you need it. The customer service process is also much fast because you do not have to relay the information from the retailer to the factory and back.

Better accountability. When you are dealing with a manufacturer, and a mistake is made, you will not be caught in the middle of the blame game between the manufacturer and dealer. No time is wasted in finger-pointing.
More accurate order and faster shipping. When ordering directly from the manufacturer, your order is unlikely to be mixed up due to communication error between the retailers. When there is no third-party involved, the manufacturer is able to deliver the order directly to the end user without delays. For example, DoTradeshow can deliver your custom displays within hours of order placement when needed. This would be impossible if you order through a middleman.

At DoTradeshow, you get the best deal, because you are buying from the people who make your displays. We are proud of what we build and will stand behind our products. You can count on us to deliver the best quality at unbeatable prices and customer services!

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