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Tips on Packaging Graphic Displays

We have all been there, Sunday evening after a five-day trade show and now it’s time for show “teardown”, and that’s exactly what it is; “tear” “down”. At the end of a long trade show your sales staff is never thinking about the displays’ best interest and its appearance for the next show. But properly packing displays for shipping and storage can save your company thousands of dollars and ensure that you always professionally present your company at future shows.

Mural Popup Booths

Fully-printed pop-up booths are a key tool for your sales staff and, like a staff member, you want to make sure that it always looks its best. The frame and channel bars of your popup booth displays are durable and are not likely to be damaged. The panels of your booth are what you will want to keep looking brand new and to diligently package. All Trade Show Displays pop up booths come with a hard cardboard tube to package the panels. You want to make sure that you always roll your panels with the mural side out. Roll all of your center panels together in the packaging paper provided and both end panels together in the packaging paper provided. Place your center panels into the hard cardboard tube and unroll them to have the mural side pressed against the tube. This will leave a good size opening for the roll of end panels. Once booth panels are snuggly spread inside the tube, apply the provided padding material on top. Always store your panels in a dry, room temperature place, avoiding direct sunlight.

Retractable Banner Stands

Banner stand display print-outs should always be fully retracted inside the base before storing or shipping. The best practice when shipping your banner holders is to use a long box and place padding on each end of the banner hardware. The ends of your banner hardware have crucial protruding tabs that if damaged tension will be lost. If these steps are followed you should be able to use and reuse the pull up banners for many trade shows and events.

These simple tips will keep your displays looking new and will save your company money. At Trade Show Displays, we sell high-quality displays and, if cared for properly, they will last many years.

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