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Follow Up with Trade Show Leads

Good news! You've got some great leads at the trade show. Now you need to turn them into customers by following up with them.

The most effective follow up plans are integrated with the overall plans implemented for driving traffic to the booth, as discussed in earlier blogs. Invite masses, send special invitations for specific events to high profile / high potential clients, plan for specific meetings and events to accelerate positive actions and then seal the effort with effective follow through that, properly done, is welcomed by the clients.

Establishing your follow up plan during the show is not likely the best approach, however. Larger conventions with 100’s or even 1,000’s of “leads” require a quite different method than smaller trade shows and events where you can personally contact every single person that requested more information. Unless the show is very slow and you can truly speak with every visitor to the booth, an electronic method of capturing the attendee’s contact information may prove to be a wise investment. A quick scan of their badge can generate a very nice list for follow up mailings, contacts, etc. Remember, the “quality” of the lead will have a large impact on the appropriate level of effort.

Personal preference and company guidance may also direct your plan. In any case, the thought here is…to invest some time about the follow up plan BEFORE the show. The adage applies; plan your work, work your plan.

Do you have a follow up strategy with your tradeshow leads? We would love to hear from you. If we at Trade Show Displays can assist your planning in any way please let us know. Please visit our website at The Exhibition season is hot upon us! Don’t be left behind!

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