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Doing Trade Shows on a Budget

February 06, 2017

Doing a trade show on a budget does NOT have to be daunting task! While it can be a challenge to stay on a tight budget, look professional and remain effective, we assist customers everyday who need to stretch their limited dollars as far as possible. Some basic considerations can go a long way towards ensuring success.

First, think modularity and expandability. We recommend that you determine the size booths you most generally utilize and choose a modular design that has utility in both a smaller size as well as an expanded size. Whilebanner stands may be an inexpensive way to enter the tradeshow arena, a well-designed pop-up booth can offer you far more value for the dollar of your initial investment. These popup displays come in many sizing options, and are easily expandable into a larger booth. So you can use the same10 foot pop-up display for both 10x10 and 20x20 booth spaces.

Next we recommend that you start with a sturdy platform that can be easily modified and updated when you desire a facelift or a change to your message and content. Graphic updates and a custom look are achievable with minimum budget. The popup displays are most desirable when you need to change graphics on the fly. Its panel-based design allows you to customize your marketing message for different audiences without replacing the entire display.

Working with a solid promoter also minimizes costs. You want to work with trade show organizers who are willing to invest in your success and not merely sell you a space. This is where MediaMax sets itself apart. Rick and Jim at MediaMax will personally help you pick out a space that works for your business and your budget.

Lastly, consider portability. Easy to load, transport and set up can spell large savings. Shipping costs, loading dock fees, pick up and set up fees add up in a hurry. Quality of presentation does not have to be sacrificed to gain portability. Trade Show Displays is the leader in portable displays. Please visit us on line at A crisp, professional final product may be a few clicks away! Hope to see you at your next show!

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