How to Choose Images for Display Graphics

May 30, 2017

One of the biggest issues for customers working with large format graphic printing is gathering images large enough to professionally represent their company. Depending on what size of trade show displays your company is interested in and how you would like it to be used, graphic images may be harder to obtain. For instance, if your company is interested in a 10x10 booth and wants to use an image for the entire background, you will need an image 10’ wide by 7’ tall.

It is always best to use images from within your company, whether they have been simply photographed by an employee or hired out by a professional photographer. Company images will best represent what you do and give an opportunity to showcase previous work when applicable. If images are not available from within the company, you can often purchase them from a stock libraries. Depending on the site they can be relatively inexpensive, but you need to read the fine prints to make sure that there is no license restrictions.

Need assistance? DoTradeshow has the experts to help our customers choose the most suitable images for their trade show booth displays. We pride our company in producing high qualitytrade show display graphics, and will always do our best to inform you of any possible issues before starting production on the display.

How to Choose Images for Display Graphics

For more tips and help regarding images, check out our article regarding large format image resolution.

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