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Creating a Booth Buzz at Trade Show

We are social animals, and we are naturally curious. If there's a line at your trade show booth or a crowd, it will draw others to see what the fuss is all about. Some products are easier to create a dynamic demonstration than others, but you can still create "Booth Buzz". Inviting special customers to come by your booth at a certain time will draw others. If your company has a unique story the local news might want to do a special interest story (film crew always have a following). If your booth staff is energetic and interacts with the passersby, others want to join the fun. No one wants to interact with the bashful, tired or grumpy one sitting crumpled in the chair, or worse, eating lunch!

Opportunity or Chore? If your staff believes the show is a productive way to boost their sales success their attitudes will show it. The single largest contributor to that attitude may be standing in front of a professional display that outshines those around them. A poorly lit, duct-taped, Y2K display is a disaster! If your staff doesn't want to be in the booth, why would a passerby?

Little Things Add Up. Crisp clothes, a smile, a greeting, humor, energy and the list goes on. The booth can grab attention or deflect it, but then it’s the staff that develops interest into action.

Creating a Booth Buzz at Trade Show

Some companies just get it. They put energy into the show, the display, the pre/post work etc. It can be a daunting task, but there can be a high ROI if done well. Let us at Trade Show Displays get you started in the right direction; whether that's with a new portable display or breathing life into that tired old display.

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