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How to Choose the Right Exhibition Booth Space for Your Business

Choosing the right space to display your products and services can be as important as picking the right show in the first place. The success of most trade shows depends on your ability to capture walk up traffic. Where your space is located in the overall layout can play a major role in the outcome.

Most promoters do an excellent job of limiting or eliminating “bad” spaces, but some are better than others for your interests. You may feel that you want a space that grabs attention as soon as attendees enter the building; there are advantages to the “up-front” strategy. Others choose to be in the center of activity so major traffic moves in all directions around their display. If you are a smaller supplier or your product & services compliments another company’s product or service, you may choose to be in close proximity to their booths. Conversely, most suppliers (and most customers) prefer that competitors are not side by side. There are other fun factors to consider.

Positioning your booth on the major thoroughfare may mean traffic moves too fast past your booth. Locations on the way to and from the restrooms can have surprising success. If food or beverages are planned during the event, a space close to the bar may be just the ticket. We will talk about booth layouts in other blogs, but getting noticed and being easy to find, top the list for booth criteria in most cases.

Whatever space you choose, having the right display that properly promotes your interests is critically important. Please let us help you. We would be honored to support your next exhibition.

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