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How to Set up a Pop Up Booth Display?

Pop up displays are portable and easy to set up and take down. It requires only one person without the need for any tools. Whether you are setting up a small  tabletop pop up display or a large floor pop up booth, the process and parts will be the same. It is quite self explanatory, but I would encourage you to watch the instructional videos for pop up displays.

Your first step should be to locate the expanding popup frame. You will need to set up the frame so that the top/front is erected correctly. The pop-up display frame hubs (what the aluminum frame poles connect into) will house several button magnets, similar in size to a watch battery. Most of the hub magnets will be flush with the hub, but there is a row of magnets that protrude from the hub. This is the top of your frame. The protruding hub magnets will act as an “anchor” for your mural or fabric panels, which have an opposite polarity button magnet in the top corners of each panel. The front of the frame will be the side with numerous magnets installed in the vertical sections of the frame.

Now locate the channel bars: these provide the magnetic stripping for the panels to cling to. The channel bars will fit into the frame in every vertical section, including the first vertical section on the back of the frame on both sides, for the wrap-around end panels to cling to. You will notice that the frame becomes much more rigid once all the channel bars are in place. Now you are ready to attach the panels.

There will be two widths of panels in your popup display package: center panels and wrap-around end panels. The best way to have your booth align correctly is to start with a center panel on one end of the frame and work your way across the booth. If working left to right, the best practice is to attach the left top button magnet to the protruding top frame magnet and attach the left side of the panel to the frame completely before attaching the other side. This will continue with the rest of the panels and you will be able to nudge the left side of the panels to align with its neighboring panel. Once all the center panels are in place, you are set to attach the end panels. The end panels are easily attached to the frame by connecting the front side of the panel first, completely from top to bottom, and then wrapping the panel around to the back side of the frame. Having two people on the panel is always best with this step. The panels will “hug” to the frame, and your trade show booth display will be complete.

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