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How to Win Big with Smaller Exhibit Spaces

Seasoned trade show exhibitors know that bigger booths tend to garner the most attention from the attendees. A bigger booth means that larger dynamic displays can be set up, so everyone can’t help but look at the exhibit. Understandably, then, event marketing staff working with smaller budgets might sometimes feel discouraged, anxious that their humble little booth won’t reap a competitive return on investment (ROI).

The fact is, bigger is not always better.

A highway billboard, for example, can diminish an advertising budget. While a well-targeted, but smaller ad campaign can be very effective and profitable.

Likewise, of trade show marketing, a smaller booth can deliver a very gratifying ROI – exhibitors need to know how to make use of a smaller booth’s advantages.

Here are a few tips to still win big at your next event if you have a smaller booth space:

Increase booth staff. The density of your booth is the number of staff that you have on-site in relation to the booth’s size. It’s easier and much less costly. People who do visit your booth won’t have to wait in line for your staff to guide them through product and service information. Instead, there will be staff to connect with and engage all visitors.

Prioritize booth staff training. Your booth may be small but well-trained staff can more than make up for it. It is important that all of your attending staff knows every facet of the company, including products and/or services.

Increase pre-show promotional efforts. Pre-show promotional efforts include marketing activities designed to create awareness before your event takes place. These pre-show promotions can include email marketing to your subscribers, direct mail, online ads and more. If done well and executed correctly, the promos can definitely boost the number of attendees who visit your booth.

Overall, a small booth can produce great results at a trade show. It cuts down costs and leveraging these strengths, you can have a much larger ROI.

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