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Portable TV Stands

October 24, 2013

You asked for it, nowDoTradshow.comis going to give it to you. NEW for the 2014 Trade Show Season,DoTradshow.comis going to offer a high quality and affordable TV / Monitor Stand.

The TV Stand is a highly portable structure that will require no tooling. It easily set-up and breaks down saving you time. It can hold a variety of screen sizes and will be a solid structure. The footprint is not overly large so you can rest assure that your booth space will not suffer from having a TV Stand in it. Many companies like to run presentations or commercials during their event and the TV Stand made byDoTradshow.comwill allow you to look you best while presenting your company information.

Pair the stand with aPopup Boothor someRetractable Banner Standsto really make an impact at your next show.

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