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Back-Lit Displays

We are constantly expanding our display products to be sure we can offer our customers the most up-to-date displays in the in the industry. is now offering Back-Lit display options on all of our Popup Booth Displays. These light-up panels are sure to create a large buzz for your company at your next tradeshow.

Our Back-Lit- displays are very economically priced and use very little energy to create a large impact. Because we use the newest LED lighting technology you can be sure that your display will be super bright and at the same time be energy efficient. The effect of a Back-Lit display is one that will certainly draw a crowd.

How it works: The Back-Lit panel can be added to any existing Popup Booth from We have Floor and Tabletop options so anyone with a Popup Booth from has the option to include a Back-Lit panel. Simply replace a Panel on your Popup booth with a translucent Back-Lit panel, add the light strip to the frame and “VIOLA!” you have a Popup Booth with a highly visible, crowd gathering Back-Lit panel.

Be sure to check out our Back-Lit panel options and all our high-quality, portable displays at

We look forward to helping you create an impact at your next show!

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