Table Top Display Options

February 02, 2012

A lot oftrade show exhibitors are looking around these days for printed table cloths for theirtabletop display. It’s understandable and it’s smart: they want their logo front and center, where it’s visible and can grab the attention of passing trade show attendees. Unfortunately, printing directly on a table cloth brings about a number of problems that are best avoided. For instance, the life of the print is short as it will be susceptible to wrinkling and cracking. The quality of the print will also be lower in general, as it very difficult to get a clear graphic when printing on fabric. What is the alternative for mytabletop booth display, you ask? I recommend the table runner. A 33.5?-wide vinyl piece that drapes from the front to the back of your table and features your logo or any other graphic on the front or both sides. This is a more versatile method, and more durable, too. Laying on top of a table cloth, with a nice, clearly printed graphic, you will be more confident that yourbooth display is looking its best.

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