Some Benefits of Retractable Banners

February 03, 2012

The compact size of retractablebanner stands and their low cost is what gets most people excited about them.

Although the banner widths can vary (common sizes include 24", 33.5", and 48"), the dimensions of the banners do not vary nearly that much. A 4' by 4' by 33.5" package can go almost anywhere, especially when it weighs only about 8 lbs. Other banners might size up at about 5" x 10" x 33.5" and weigh in at 12 lbs., which is still remarkably small for a display that can make such a large impact.

Retractable banners, also known aspull up banners, are one of the most versatile, portable, and cost-effective ways to present your company or organization at events. Available with fully-printed graphics, it’s all about putting the most trade show display value into a small package. That’s where the portability and versatility come in. Fully packed up into a handy carrying case, one banner weighs as little as eight pounds carried in-hand or over the shoulder.

Depending on the manner in which the banner graphics are designed, abanner display stand can be used on its own or next to one or more other banners to create a wall display. This is very practical for those exhibitors who find themselves in a variety of booth space sizes, as well as those who have different products or services to showcase at each trade show with distinct banner displays.

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