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Trade Show Booth Layout Tips and Ideas

To all those that love doing Shows and Exhibits, Happy Valentine’s Day from Trade Show Displays!

We will continue our discussion about booth spaces today with a few thoughts on booth layouts. Of course, this is personal preference, so there is no right or wrong answer, but some booth layouts are more effective than others. Customers who build their space around our popup displays or retractable banners much prefer an “Open” booth space which means no table out front blocking/channeling entry into the space. This layout invites customers to move into your space for conversations and highlights all your messaging in clear sight. Marketing materials are placed into a literature rack which keeps the space clear and movement in and out is easy. This open layout also seems to make the booth space feel larger so you get a little more “bang for the buck”!

If you have product displays that encourage interactions and “handling” this open booth strategy is especially effective. Getting up close and personal with some products immediately increases the interest. In fact, some products lend themselves to small demonstrations and this open architecture amplifies the energy in the booth. If tables are required for discussions etc. then cocktail tables can still be added without walling off the space. We never want negative energy between prospects and the Sales team which can be caused with an artificial barrier.

No matter what layout you choose, Trade Show Displays can design a portable display to meet your needs. Please visit us at or contact our Customer Service Team directly and we’ll get you on your way to a successful season of exhibitions and then you will love trade shows, too!

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