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Velcro Graphic Pros and Cons

Most trade show staffers are going to be familiar with the concept of velcro graphics. A booth display with velcro-receptive fabric is quickly updated by replacing one or more small panels with information relevant to a particular show or featured product. Pricing replacement graphics like these figures by square foot and offers the ability to use any combination or arrangement of graphics on your display. This is a very traditional and effective way to update graphics, but it is surprisingly not always the most cost-effective option.

The more professional look for a popup booth display, full mural panels present a seamless graphic from end to end for maximum area and maximum impact. Because of their look, many trade show marketers assume the costs involved would outweigh the visual benefits. For the amount of graphic area involved, however, full mural graphics are actually more cost effective than velcro-attached panels. Beyond that, replacing partial graphics is an option here, too. Some displays, for example, feature a strip of project photos on just one of the six panels. That means that each of those photos can be replaced and printed onto a replacement panel. As easy as that, the trade show booth display has been refreshed and updated without a major re-investment.

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