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What a Sales Person wants from a Display!

Most Sales people can tell you in one paragraph (or less) what they want from a display company, but rarely do they get asked.

Our research tells us their Number 1 ask is… Quality. They do not want to be embarrassed with a display that makes them look cheesy, cheap or sloppy. The quality of the display directly transfers to their products’ quality and their credibility.

If they are setting up the display themselves (which is often the case) they want the set-up to be fast and easy. Nothing is more frustrating than to have to give up an extra day on the road due to complicated set-up/tear-down or sweating the Exhibition Opening as the clock ticks away the last moments.

Lastly, they want the display to be portable. Waiting on a forklift to deliver their boxes for set-up and tear-down eats their day and their time with customers or family.

At Trade Show Displays we take Quality, Simplicity and Portability very seriously so you can enjoy the show and focus on your customers.

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