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Amplify Your Trade Show Booth | 5 Tips

As we all know, trade shows are opportunities for new leads and new business. Do you know how to make the most out of them to ensure future success?

It’s beneficial to research the event ahead of time to find out what your competitors may be doing and to know how you’re going to drive traffic to your booth.

Get to the event with clear stated goals, a well-designed booth, and presentation. Once you’re there, use these tips to shift the event for your business’ success.

  1. Stay Upbeat. It’s very easy to get discouraged when person after person walks past your booth without a glance. This happens, even to the best of us. The key is to stay motivated and approachable. Look for opportunities to spark conversation with passers-by, even if they don’t start the conversation. Co-workers can help to keep each other motivated.
  2. Stay Refreshed. Come to the event with light snacks and beverages to keep your team fresh and well hydrated. Nothing takes the fire out of a presentation like fatigue, hunger, or thirst. Let your team take turns going on breaks to walk around and get some oxygen or to sit down for a snack.
  3. Know Your Product or Service. There is nothing like knowing your presentation, understanding how your product or service works and being able to answer questions on the subject. It’s a good idea to practice ahead of time by asking impromptu questions or changing the presentation to cater to a certain person or group.
  4. Have a Presentation Prepared. Even if you understand your product or service inside-out, you need a predetermined presentation so you can present the topic in a clear manner to strangers over and over again. A prepared presentation ensures that you don’t leave out critical selling points or forget to mention good reviews.
  5. Grab Attention. You will only have ten seconds, at most, to capture the attendees’ attention. Set up your booth and tailor your presentation to grab attention fast. Check out our blog Trade Show Booth Design Ideas for tips on how to create an eye-catching display.

Bring some product samples, and beef up your booth with giveaways, contests, and other crowd pleasers. Every extra bit of zest you can put into it returns dividends in terms of building relationships, solidifying your brand, and garnering leads to further your business.

You probably have a few tricks for working a trade show. Let us know some that were valuable to you at!

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