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Exhibitor Follow-up | Best Email Subject Lines

Email marketing is one of the most powerful avenues for generating leads after trade shows. Follow-up emails are critical to closing your sales. Most of the time, exhibitors miss their window of opportunity because they are so fatigued after their event.

If you don’t have a strong foundation for email marketing, you should start building that know-how. The subject line is the most important part of your email. None of the other email elements matter if your email doesn’t get opened.

The subject line should make it clear, to your audience, what the email is about. It can be funny, intriguing, or sarcastic, but it should be relevant. The most important information should be at the very beginning just incase their inbox cuts off the subject line. Use verbs to help convey action such as download or sign up. Most people read the subject line looking for a reason to delete it, not read it, so don’t be lazy with your subject line.

Here are a few good examples to try out:

  1. (Prospect Name), Thinking of you after (Show Name)
  2. When we met at (Show Name)
  3. Info you requested at (Show Name)

A proven winner is to include the prospects name in your subject line. A great tool that all the good email marketing services provide is A and B subject line testing. This allows you to create two different subject lines, one of which will be sent to half your list, and the second one to the other half. The subject line that gets more opens should be the one you use.

After a show, you need to get your email follow-up right or else you will fail to make a return on your investment. Don’t miss your window of opportunity!


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