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Creating an Effective Trade Show Display

As we have mentioned in earlier blogs, there are considerations before you start designing your display. Once you have thought through the space, layout and desired effect you are ready to start your design.

Simple can be Dramatic: A simple, strong message, laid out with an easy to read font, can be very effective in grabbing a passerby's attention. Remember, you only have a few seconds to spark interest and action. Large, successful companies generally do this well with memorable Logos, and clear Tag Lines.

Headlines. Newspapers figured out long ago that the headline carries the article. It sets the tone for what's coming and sometimes conveys the most needed information; standalone. You don't have to be too clever, but a clear, concise, interesting Headline is worth some effort.

Supporting Graphics. Please see our earlier blogs on this topic. Stunning graphics that instigate interest and action are the aim. We don't need an "I don't get it" expression followed by a quickened pace to the next booth.

Quality not Quantity. It can be tempting to tell the whole story on your display, after all, you are so proud! Don't, is our advice.

Stick to a few strong points. Remember the old saying "when we try to be everything to everyone, we end up being nothing to anyone!"

Company Name and Logo. Some Marketing folks believe that a Logo and Name on shirt is enough for the booth. Its personal choice but the upper left corner of your display is Prime Real Estate. Our advice is that is EXACTLY where your company name and logo should appear.

New School. Social media of all kinds can be effective. A phone number is NOT enough.

Last but not least, make certain that your FINAL design that goes to print is really the FINAL or you will increase costs. Make a very careful final inspection before you give your OK. Good luck with your next event. If we at Trade Show Displays can support you in anyway please contact us.

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