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DoTradeshow’s Unique and Modular Popup Booth Design

When DoTradeshow decided that the standard pop-up booth design and engineering did not fit our criteria of portability and ease of use, we decided to create a newly engineered system that did. The DoTradeshow pop-up booth design features a fully-magnetic panel-to-frame system that allows users to easily erect the display without tools, ladders, or lifts. The pop-up booth display can be set up by anyone regardless of height, physical strength or technical ability.

The fully magnetic system is a booth design that is unique to DoTradeshow. The frame is easily pulled up and locked into the upright position using magnetic locking bars. Once the frame is up, the magnetic channel bars are attached to the frame in every vertical section, individually, by button magnets installed on both ends of each bar and inside the frame hubs. Once in place, the magnetic stripping on the channel bars provides an opposite polarity for the panel magnetic stripping to connect to. As the primary anchor for the panels, the frame also has protruding button magnets to match-up with the panels’ flat button magnets. This allows the user to align the panel up perfectly with its neighboring panel instead of relying on flimsy plastic hooks to determine the panels’ alignment.

What also makes DoTradeshow’s frame so unique is that they are modular. Modular meaning that you can use an existing frame and add additional frames on to it to create larger, and more shapely displays. The possibilities are endless. The most common modular additions would be our four main 20’ displays: The Combination, The Serpentine, The Gullwing, and The Straight set-ups.


At DoTradeshow, we are constantly looking into innovative ways to make the trade show side of business an easier and more pleasurable experience. Our theory is if you expend less energy setting up and taking down your booth, you will be able to focus on what really matters at trade shows and events: the attendees, your potential customers. DoTradeshow’s unique pop-up display system is the easiest to use on the market, and the fully magnetic panel-to-frame system is a major contributing factor.

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