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Outshine Your Competition | Display Lighting

Are you getting lost in the mix or not being seen when exhibiting at trade shows? While there are a few aspects that come in to play to increasing your visibility at events. The easiest and most effective way of doing so, is to include lighting on your displays.

Display lighting is a great way to add impact to your trade show displays and banner stands. This is especially important when you exhibit at events with poor ambient lighting. Trade show halls typically have dim lighting, so displays with lighting will stand out; which is critical because trade shows have so many displays all competing for attention. That makes display lighting a very cost-effective method to increase the impact of your display and put you ahead of your competition.

DoTradeshow offers many different styles of display lighting, including LED models for greater energy efficiency and low heat. Some lighting options we offer are:

Retractable Banner Stand Lighting
Banner lights that DoTradeshow offers are a high-intensity spotlight that works for any size banner stand. The spotlight attaches with a spring-loaded clip allowing for easy installation and positioning.

Pop-up Overhead Lighting
DoTradeshow offers a couple styles of overhead lighting when it comes to pop-up booth displays: 50watt halogen, 150watt halogen, and the energy efficient LED overhead lights. LED lights are especially important at events that don’t allow halogen light for fire safety reasons.

Backlit Pop-up Display Lighting
The backlit displays use a combination of translucent mural panels with our exclusive backlit LED strips. These light strips are placed behind the panels to really make your images and/or tagline POP! The back-lit displays are a great way to create that extra buzz about your product or service. Please read our blog Backlit Lights and How to Effectively Use Them for expert information on backlighting your display.

Outshine your competition at your next event with added lighting to your displays! Do you have lighting tips that have worked well for you? Please let us know at

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